Vegan on the Move

Napa, California

Hi. I’m Charlotte, and this is my blog – so pleased you stopped by.

A condensed history: Born and raised Golden State girl, I decided to take a bite from the Big Apple during college and booked it to New York City, where I studied East Asian Languages & Cultures. Post-grad, I did a lot of teaching, traveling, and eating – for the most part in China, where the Great Firewall prevented me from creating my own niche within the healthy living blogosphere. I’ve since returned to the United States, ready to dive head-on into the community of conscientious eaters that I had enviously watched develop from the sidelines.

New York, NY

Eating n’stuff: The single most empowering moment in my adult life was my transition to veganism (sparked by an Animal Rights class I took in college. My parents were not pleased). By undertaking this simple dietary change, I was able to channel my frustrations with power dynamics, environmental degradation, and mass media in our society today, into a concrete lifestyle.

Raison d’être: However, my attempt to find peace with food as an entity, rather than a philosophy, has been a bit more complicated. This blog was created both to reflect on past and chronicle future quests to maintain a healthy, balanced, vegan lifestyle while traveling in and around this beautiful world. I’ve had the incredible fortune of exploring China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tibet, just within the past year. My own journey to health has coincided with my journey abroad; each has profoundly impacted the other, neither is anywhere near completion, and both will be shared with you all here. I can’t promise that my ramblings will always be pretty, but I’ll try to make sure that my pictures are.

On the Move: Currently my locale is the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ll be moving to Washington, D.C. in the beginning of August 2010, and anticipate a lot more traveling from there. Happy trails to  you all, wherever this blog finds you!

Pattaya, Thailand


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